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The Credit Repair Company

Category : Web Development
Client :Haskell Mackowski - Owner of The Credit Repair Company
Completion :November 2017
Role : Website Developer

The owner of The Credit Repair Company has been in business repairing people's credit for over 20 years. He reminded me that things were simpler for him back then. He didn't have to worry about having an online presence because it just simply wasn't a thing to do back then. Nowadays, Haskell has to compete with newer companies who have an online presence and he doesn't just want to keep up but he wants to be a step ahead of the game. He approached me to run Facebook ads for him but before I could get started with that, I told him that his website was in serious need of revamping. He agreed and I developed a simple yet informative website for him. Now, any customers he obtains through online marketing efforts won't be scared off based on the aesthetics of his website.