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Top Four Ways to Market Your Content For Free

I’ve done it once and I know that I can do it again. That is, I’ve been blogging on and off for the past decade and I’ve built my audience from scratch a few times and I know that it is possible to reach that status again. Unfortunately, this time around, I have a lot less free time on my hands since I work full time. However, I am determined to stick with blogging no matter how many low points or slow moments I face.

Many new bloggers get discouraged when their content doesn’t reach the number of people they would like it to reach. If there is one thing that I’ve learned over the years is, you absolutely must market your content if you want your content to be seen. In today’s world wide web, there are so many content creators that it is easy for your content to get lost in the crowd.

Below are the top four ways to market your content that will grow your audience but won’t break the bank.



Facebook groups are a great way to market your content. These groups enable you to increase engagement to your content. Whether you are looking for more shares, comments or just want more eyes in front of your work, Facebook groups are a great start. There are always at least three types of groups bloggers should definitely join. The first type of group is the blogger community group. In this type of group, you will find other bloggers who are in the exact same boat as you—they want to grow their audience and increase engagement.

In these type of groups, you can ask the blogger community to share, cross promote, and engage with your content. You, of course, would do the same for your fellow bloggers. There are many of these types of groups but my absolute favorite three are:

The second type of group should be niche specific to the individual blogger. For example, I blog about being frugal, ways to save money, budget money, earn more money, side hustles, and entrepreneurship. My ideal audience ranges from individuals who want to make money in various ways, whether it be online, side hustles or entrepreneurial pursuits; to individuals who just want to learn how to be frugal, budget their finances more, cut their expenses and save money. So it would be in my best interest to join groups that will likely attract my ideal audience who would be interested in my content. For example, three groups that may work for me could be:

The third type of group that a blogger should always join is the social media marketing community group. These are the groups that help bloggers, who may not be very savvy when it comes to social media, to improve in marketing themselves on their own social media platforms. These groups offer tips, tricks, and social media marketing strategies that will help you grow your audience. Two groups that I’m currently a member of are:

One thing to note when joining a Facebook group is that each one has their own set of rules. Which means, they don’t all run exactly the same way. I find that many people fail to read the community rules before posting in groups, likely assuming that they are all the same. If you don’t follow the rules outlined in each specific group, you can easily be kicked out or even banned from a group. So it’s always a good idea to pay attention to the group rules before joining.


Google Plus communities are a really great way to market your content as well. Many people don’t realize that Google Plus communities can be just as beneficial and effective as Facebook groups. However, there are what seems like endless communities on Google plus so the trick is to find the few that work well for you. When choosing communities to join, the same rules apply as with Facebook. Bloggers should join blogger communities, niche-specific communities and social media boosting communities.

Google Plus communities aren’t generally as strict as Facebook groups, meaning most people can easily join any group without having to wait for admin approval. Also, many of them don’t have as many rules as Facebook groups which typically makes it easier to promote your content.


Promoting your content on your own social media may seem like a no-brainer but you’d be surprised at how many people fail to do this or don’t do it right. Having good social media marketing strategies are important and this actually takes me back to my earlier point about joining a social media marketing community group. Those groups can really help you pinpoint the best strategy for you.

Many of our favorite content that we see floating around on the internet all went viral because those individuals first posted it to their personal social media account. Case and point, I was checking out an Instagram account of a local radio station here in Miami, Florida when I ran across a meme that looked a lot like my cousin. Well, that’s because it was my cousin who lives in Minneapolis. If you Google work husband you can still see his image a few times in the Google images search. It was shared across several social media platforms and seen by countless people.

My point? Never pass up the opportunity to post to your personal social media pages. Your friends and family will see your content and they will likely share your content with others and so on. That’s how people’s content go viral organically.


Last but certainly not least, guest blogging is a great way to market your content. It gives you an opportunity to have your content in front of other people’s audiences. When it comes to guest posting on someone else’s blog, there are two ways to go about it. The first, most common way is to find other bloggers who share the same or very similar niche as you. That way, the content you submit won’t confuse their audience. After all, the reason their audience is following their blog is because they are interested in that specific niche.

The other way to go about it is to reach out to bloggers with completely different niches. I know. Sounds crazy right? Especially after what I just stated. Of course, this way is more difficult and less common but it is possible to make it work. How? All you have to do is find a way to combine your niche with someone else’s niche. Sounds simple enough but it is actually quite difficult.

As saving money is something that I talk about on my blog, I can likely reach out to travel bloggers, mommy bloggers, beauty bloggers, health and fitness bloggers, etc., and incorporate saving or budgeting money with any one of those niches. For example, I could reach out to a health and fitness blogger and write a post that could be titled something like, Ditch The Gym Membership – Best Ways To Save Money On Fitness Equipment or Top Ten Ways To Save Money On Your Health & Fitness. The point is, you need to figure out a way to somehow make your niche fit with theirs. Who knows, you may gain a whole new kind of audience member because of incorporating the two niches.

Just remember that your audience won’t likely grow overnight. Slow and steady wins the race! As long as you keep up with a good posting schedule and keep working diligently on marketing your content, you will eventually get to where you want to be.

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